Friday, November 21, 2008

Eye Exercises- to be practised

Salam and A Very Good Morning!

Dear all, try these exercise for your eye.

Did you know that STRESS is a huge contributor to poor eyesight? The tension from stress tightens your eye muscles very similar to how it tenses your neck muscles. Have you noticed how relaxing a neck massage is? Your eyes need this same attention.

Simple eye exercises are an excellent way to relieve your eyes from daily situations that cause eye strain. The problem with programs for eye exercises is that they require 20-30 minutes a day to be effective. Most people cannot or will not take that much time to sit and do eye exercises.

Instead of taking 20-30 minutes to do your eye exercises you can do simple eye exercises throughout your day. Make a list of 4-7 exercises and do them one at a time at different times during the day. With this method you will find that you have not only done all of them, but that you have probably spent more total time than the 20-30 minutes recommended.

Try this exercise at work.
Hold up a pen in front of you at arms length. Focus on the pen for about 3-3 seconds then look at a fixed object at the farthest end of the room or better yet outside a window. Look at the distant object for 2-3 seconds then shift your focus back to the pen. Repeat this for about 5-6 times and then go back to work.

Here is another.
Roll your eyes in a big circle looking up, right, down, left, and up again. Stretch your eyes as far as you can and do this slowly 5-6 times. Then reverse direction and do the same exercise going counter-clockwise 5-6 times. Now go back to work.

Try this.
Set your elbow on your lap and rest your head on your palms. Have the bottom of your palm placed over your closed eyes with a little pressure. Hold this for about 30 seconds and then go back to work.

These are just simple eye exercises for stress or tension relief. You can also take this a step farther and improve your eyesight with eye exercises.

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